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How to begin the process of moving to Riverside South!

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about
Qualification or the Application process.

Steps To Apply

1) View our Tenant Qualifications
2) Download: Application Form
3) Download:
Rental History Verification Form

4) Print and Complete:
  Application Form AND
  Rental History Verification Form
  (Call or email us if you have questions)

5) Send your paperwork with fee by U.S. MAIL to:

Attn: Application
Riverside South Apts
4704 Wheeler Road
Louisville, TN  37777

Office Phone
(865) 970-4541

(865) 983-0303

Tenant Qualifications
for Riverside South & Riverbend Apartments

1.  Have a good, established credit history with a score of 600.

2.  Have had the same local job for at least six months, be a full time student at a local college, or be transferring to the area with the same company that you have worked for at least six months.

3.  Make enough money to afford the rent.  We define this as making three times what your rent would be after payments identified by your credit report.  For example, if the rent is $415 a month, you would need to make at least $1245 after your car payment, or other monthly expenses deducted.  If we cannot verify your income through tax record, pay stubs, or other documentation, it does not count!

4.  Have a valid form of picture ID like a driver’s license or state issued ID card.

5.  Have a valid social security number.

6.  No criminal background.

7.  Not owe money to a previous landlord or have a history of late payments or eviction.

8.  No bankruptcy.

9.  Maximum occupancy is two people per bedroom.
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